Meta Hoops Tracks

All of the variables listed below on our MH TRACKS are somewhat dependent on your baseline attributes, athleticism, mentality and history with basketball. As there is no guarantee in life there is no guarantee in your journey, we are not promised tomorrow, but we have the time we have been given and get to choose what we do with it! Being on a track does not guarantee the end of the journey.


If your goal is to have a great high school career and put yourself in a position to be a quality varsity basketball contributor, but maybe you don't have basketball goals beyond that. This is the track for you!


  • 1 Day Per week


  • 100 Shots             

     2-3 Days per week

Seasons of Focus

  • 1 Season 

Skills Training

  • 1 Day Per week


  • 1 Day Per week


  • Depends on History, Attributes, and Athleticism